Week 29

How far along: 29 weeks!

Gender: We are having a little girl and couldn’t be happier 🙂

Total weight gain: 10 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity Clothes: Leggings are great at supporting this bump.

Sleep: Sadly I feel as if I never get enough but that will be the daily occurrence when this baby comes so I try to look at it as my body preparing me for the future.

Miss Anything: I miss being able to relax without having to constantly move to satisfy this bump. Its getting harder and harder to get comfy.

Cravings: Every morning I eat toast with butter and a HUGE helping of strawberry jam. Paired with a glass of cold milk? Yumm…. I have that as a nighttime snack too and it is just so darn good for some reason. I am loving raspberries as well. They are so sweet and I can easily eat a whole carton of them by myself!

Symptoms: I feel stretched out, this belly grows bigger by the day and I’m not sure how much bigger it can get!

Mood: I have felt a little anxious recently, probably just trying to wrap my mind around this whole concept. The baby will be here in about 10 weeks! That’s crazy! I just hope I can get everything done in time.

Best Moment this week: Just being able to spend time with my Shaners and Maya. He helps me relax and calm down if I am stressed.

Looking forward to: Meeting this sweet baby of mine. I can’t wait.


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