Monster Dash 2016

My hubby loves to run and be active. Ever since getting pregnant, I have come to realize that as much as I would love to be active with him, sometimes it just isnt going to happen haha I get so tired quickly and the thought of training for a race is not appealing. We had  both signed up for the Monster Dash months ago and as it neared closer and closer I realized that I wouldnt be able to get out of it. I had ran a handful of times before to train but not near enough. I had signed up for the 5k which is a little sad considering I needed to “train” for only 3 miles but hey! when this belly of mine pops out of nowhere it throws my balance and stamina off. 3 miles is no easy feat 28 weeks pregnant! Shane had signed up for the 10 mile race and had been training for that everyday after work.

Luckily my parents were in town and they decided to run bandit with me (dont tell anyone (: ) I had told my dad I wanted to try to run the whole thing but would stop if I hurt or didnt feel well. We all started to run when the race started and surprisingly I RAN THE WHOLE TIME. Woohoo! I stopped to drink the cup of water at the water station but other than that I didn’t stop running for the while 3. however miles it was haha Disclaimer: duh I ran super duper slow but I went at a constant pace that I felt was good for my body and baby. So dont think for a second that I ran this thing at a 7 minute pace cause that definitely did not happen haha I ran at a 10-11 minute pace which is not amazing but for me it was a wonderful reminder of what my body can do even while being so big and pregnant. I did shed a couple of tears crossing the finish line with my parents as I did feel extremely proud and happy of being able to finish the race and doing so without stopping. It was amazing.

We met up with shane afterwards and of course he rocked it, he averaged I believe an 8 minute mile which is amazing in itself. He is a rockstar and I am so proud of him. We then went out to eat and I ate my body weight in french toast, eggs and bacon. I dont think I have eaten that much in my life but I was starving after the race. The next morning however killed me, I think my body realized what I made it do and it retaliated against me. I couldnt walk more than a couple steps before I got painful contractions and my knees gave out. It was rough haha But hey, now that we know I wont die at 3 miles while pregnant we made plans to run the get lucky race in march. I will do the 7k and shane hopefully the half marathon. If I did the 5k while pregnant surely I can do the 7k with a newborn right? haha lets hope.


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