Week 26

How far along: 26 weeks and 2 days!

Gender: We are having a little girl and couldn’t be happier 🙂

Total weight gain: 10 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight. GUYS!!! This is huge!!! I have gained a total of 10 pounds so far throughout my pregnancy! For some that may seem silly but for me that’s such an accomplishment. I’ve been battling morning sickness EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. of this pregnancy and gaining 10 pounds is something I am extremely proud of. If I reach my 20 pound goal my doctor set for me I will be right at my starting weight before I got pregnant!

Maternity Clothes: I can get away with regular shirts, although I love wearing a belt with looser shirts to make this cute belly pop. Sadly my super tight skinny jeans do not fit without the hair band trick. My other jeans fit fine but of course my favorite ones don’t. I want to keep wearing them so I’m trying to find a belly band. Which are super expensive I’ve come to find out. $30 for an elastic fabric to put on top of your jeans?? What??

Sleep: Shane steals my maternity pillow AND all the blankets. He never has done this before but the past couple of nights he literally rips the blankets off me and hoards them on his side of the bed. Then he has the audacity to cuddle up next to my freezing body for warmth from whatever tiny corner of the sheet I have. This makes me wake up, slide him over to his side of the bed and then grab all the covers to place them over us. This is something that I have to do 3-4 times a night so sleep is fleeting. Take that and place it on top of stomach pains and back pain and you come to the conclusion that I don’t sleep.

Miss Anything: I miss not having such bad Braxton Hicks and stomach pains. They are killer and take my breath away.

Cravings: Fun fact: I don’t like apples. I never have eaten them by themselves and just never had an interest in eating an apple as a snack. But this week I think I have devoured any apple that comes within a 5 foot radius of me. They are just so juicy and crisp and I love them. I also enjoy grapes a lot. I tend to eat them as snacks or part of a meal when I want something sweet. Like this evening, when instead of my usually healthy meal, I instead ate pizza rolls and a bowl of grapes. Oops?

Symptoms: Same old same old. Morning sickness has turned into just feeling queasy 24/7. Baby girl moves around a ton and the constant movement makes me a little sick. Kinda like motion sickness if I had to explain it. So odd.

Mood: This evening while Shane and I were driving to our date he told me that he loves how happy I am now. It just made me smile. He says no matter how stressful his day or how tired he is when he gets home, when I go greet him at the door with a hug and a kiss paired with a smile he gets so happy. Of course I giggled and couldn’t stop smiling when he told me this (also I teared up, cause you know, pregnancy). I get so happy to see him everyday and didn’t realize that being so happy and giddy all the time made HIM happy. He has gotten into the habit of staring at me while I’m telling him a story or while I’m making dinner etc and when I look at him and ask him whats wrong he just smiles and says he loves me. It is so sweet.

Best Moment this week: Tonight Shane and I went on a date to Minnehaha Falls. He proposed there in 2014 and we hadn’t made a trip back until this evening. And even this trip we technically didn’t make it to where he proposed since we stayed in the dog park section the whole time because of Maya. Oh wells. On the drive there is when Shane told me he loved how happy I was all the time and thats pretty much the highlight of this week. It was so sweet and unexpected. Also, while we were there we hiked a ton through the park and watched Maya run around. It was our first time at this dog park and it was huge and super fun to explore. It was different than the regular flat field dog parks we go to so Maya loved exploring. She did great staying by our side and coming when called. We decided to go off the trail a bit and ended up having to jump across logs (pregnant ladies should not attempt this) and while I was on a log waiting to jump across this little creek Maya decided to jump across too and avoid the water since she HATES water. Except the log took her back legs out from under her and she face planted in the side of the bank haha! We could not stop laughing and luckily she brushed it off and ran by to explore the other side of the creek. She is always up and going. Remember how I said she stayed by our side the whole time? Well of course while we stopped to take a selfie she got bored and wandered off the trail. We couldn’t find her and she wasn’t coming when we called. This park is HUGE and I was actually starting to get a little worried after about 15 minutes passed and we could not find her. Thankfully someone called Shane (yay for collars!) and said that she just ran to the front of the park and was playing with their dog. The front of the park was a 10 minute walk from where we were… Which means she booked it and ran the whole way because she wanted to find a dog to play with. Shane went over to pick her up from the good samaritan who held her there while I headed back to the car to sit down (I was hurting bad at this point from all the hiking). Needless to say we were relieved to find her and she was tired out since she conked out in the car and slept the whole rest of the evening. She was one tired pup.

Looking forward to: My mommy coming and staying with me!!! Only a week left until I see her and I am so so happy!! I will also get to see my dad that weekend as well so it will be so fun! The day my mother arrives is also the day my MIL is hosting a baby shower for me so it will be a busy but fun weekend for me.


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