25 Weeks

How far along: 25 weeks!

Gender: A sweet little girl 🙂

Total weight gain: 11 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity Clothes: Do you guys see this belly of mine?? It feels HUGE! I still fit into my jeans (somehow) but my shirts are definitely getting a little tight around my belly area. I am in an awkward stage, although I am getting bigger if I wear a maternity shirt it swallows me and I look kinda frumpy. Yet if i put on a regular shirt like the pictures above and below, it makes me look in between fat and pregnant depending on the day. I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle at times. Look fat or really stick out that belly and use my hands and place it on top to make it look bigger aka pregnant? 😉

Sleep: Shane steals my maternity pillow and it makes me sad. I don’t sleep well and this little girl loves to make my belly super lopsided while I sleep which makes me wake up because I am so uncomfortable. Send help. I need some sleep.

Miss Anything: Sleep in general. Although it is good practice for when the baby comes? haha I also miss being free of Braxton Hicks and stabbing pain due to round ligament issues. Those hurt so badly and often take my breath away. I let Shane know when I get Braxton Hicks and he says to just let him know when the real ones come. Thanks dear.

Cravings: I would kill for some fruit snacks. They are super yummy and I have to get a specific kind. Also, grapes. Basically I am craving fake fruit and real fruit this week. It is just the right amount of sweetness for me.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks are the worst in case you didn’t know. I feel as if I am going into labor every time I take a long walk or sometimes get hit by some random ones. I also get stabbing pain in my rib area at times which is no bueno. This baby is slowly killing me.

Mood: I’m sure everyone thinks I am such a complainer and am in no way happy for this baby but I promise I don’t always complain and I actually am really happy! Just not when I vent on this blog haha I rarely have bad days and always try to be silly and happy. It’s not that hard when your husband is such a goof and you always find fun things to do together.

Best Moment this week: Taking my photos for this weeks blog post. I am so so happy with how the last one turned out. Placing my hands above and below my belly makes it pop and it just fills me with such joy to see that. It’s been a long time for this belly to pop and now that it has I get so giddy to see it. I also LOVED this weeks Relief Society Activity for church. I love our ward so much and we had an activity to get to know all the other women in the ward. Let’s just say I talked a ton and laughed with everyone and ate yummy food. For 3 hours. Yikes. Time flew by and Shane was not happy I was gone for so long but I made a ton of friends and love visiting with them.

Looking forward to: My mother visiting. I can’t wait. I am so impatient. So so impatient. Also, I am looking forward to cleaning the carpets in our apartment, how weird is that? I love cleaning and organizing so the thought of sucking up all that yuck and getting rid of it makes me feel relaxed.



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