Week 22 & 23


How far along: For the sake of this blog post let’s pretend I am 23 weeks… (In reality I’m 24 and 1 day today but am just now posting week 22 &23 because I am so behind and have pregnancy brain… oops.)

Gender: GIRL!!!! Woohoo! We are so excited and I have already stocked up on the cutest baby clothes. We are painting her nursery this weekend and I can’t wait to post a blog post on that and some before and afters!

Total weight gain: 15 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight. I have gained back 5 pounds of the 20 I originally lost in my first trimester. So that’s a HUGE improvement for me. I am still sick but not dropping anymore which is great. Here’s to gaining another 15 pounds to reach my pregnancy weight gain target of 20 lbs! (I never thought I would say weight gain and goal in the same sentence! Makes me shudder)

Maternity Clothes: None really needed at this point. While my belly has gotten a tad bigger it’s still not big enough to really need maternity clothes but I’m sure my time will come. I stocked up on some cute dresses and shirts at target today. They had cute maternity clothes on sale for $3-4! Score!

Sleep: I have leg cramps every 20 minutes it feels like. Not pleasant whatsoever. I thought I had been sleeping badly before but now it’s even worse! Ugh. I picked up my maternity pillow that my parents kept at their house for me and sleep with that between my legs so it helps my hips and back but even that doesn’t help keep me from tossing and turning. I feel so bad for Shane as I keep him up at night moving around and switching positions so frequently. The past couple of mornings I’ve gotten up earlier than his alarm for work because I had such a rough night and this little girl makes me belly and bladder hurt so bad. 6 am wake up calls for the bathroom? Yup. That’s a thing. I just want to sleep!

Miss Anything: I really miss sleeping on my belly. So so bad. I am lucky enough to be able to sleep on my back still since my belly is non existent but sleeping on my stomach is my favorite. I also miss being able to bend over without huffing and puffing. I may not have a big belly in my way but holy cow this little girl presses on my hips and lower back like no other! It makes bending over a real issue for me.

Cravings: I have to admit, I haven’t had super bad cravings so far. I have moments where chocolate sounds yummy or chipotle but its not to the point where I HAVE to have it. I try to wait 20-30 minutes before running to the kitchen and indulging in whatever I’m craving since they usually pass quickly. I guess I can thank my willpower for not blowing up and gaining so much so far. Right now I crave Ice cold water, raspberry lemonade and chicken salad. I know, I know. I’m basically a boring, healthy pregnant lady. I don’t even have fun cravings, I feel jipped.

Symptoms: Still sick every morning but what else is new. It’s become my norm now and I have gotten to the point where I can manage it to a point. Still not very pleasant. I have super bad round ligament pain in my belly and hips. It gets to the point where it gets difficult for me to walk around and I want to cry from frustration and pain. I don’t even have a belly and am already waddling! How crazy is that?? My doctor said it’s because baby girl is so far back and is chilling there with no intention of moving further out to give my hips and lower back some rest. I try to stretch a lot and use KT tape to tape my tiny belly up to give my hips and lower belly some relief. It helps to a point but still doesn’t make it bearable. I go to the chiropractor 3 times a week to get aligned and go through some exercises. THAT HAS BEEN THE BEST THING FOR ME. For real, I never used to go to a chiropractor unless my back was basically broken but I can’t recommend going enough. My spine is curved in a bad way which in turn makes my hips uneven and causes them to hurt. Being pregnant on top of that is just a bad combination. Going to Dr. Derrick and having him align me then doing my stretches and exercises with Libby afterwards really helps to loosen me up and help me get through the day and night easier. They are great and I love them.

Mood: I have had a hard week. Up and down mood swings and just feel sad and lonely a lot while Shane is at work. When he comes home I am so so excited and talk his ear off. I also am battling a cold at the moment (worst week ever) and it makes me feel even more down in the dumps. I am tired and just feel a bit sad. Emotional Tasha makes for a very crazy household. Shane has gotten used to cuddling me a lot this week which isn’t a bad thing. I am one lucky gal to have a husband who constantly asks if I am doing well, both physically and mentally. He may not have an idea of what being pregnant feels like but man oh man he is so sweet and kind about it all.

Best Moment this week: We took a super duper quick weekend trip to Chicago to visit my family. It was so last minute but I needed it so badly. It was so much fun to see everyone and to gush over the baby. I miss them so much, they are such a great group. I couldn’t have asked for a better family to grow up with. While we were there Shane and I spent the day in the city and went to the planetarium. It was really interesting and we had a lot of fun going around and looking at all the exhibits. Shane got a laugh at me huffing and puffing going up and down the many many stairs they had. Baby was really tired and kept dropping further into my hips it felt like. After the planetarium we went outside and laid on the grass next to the lake. It was super peaceful and really nice out so we enjoyed the weather and just talked while people watching and looking out into the lake. It was so relaxing and I was happy to have that alone time with Shane.

Looking forward to: Having my mom finally come out!! It has been delayed until end of October but it will be here before we know it (I hope). My mother in law has been planning a beautiful baby shower for me and my mother will be coming out to attend and then will be staying the week after. It will be very nice to have her here helping me finalize baby shopping and setting up her room. We are trying to get my abuelita to come out with her and I am desperately hoping it happens as It would be wonderful to have them both at my baby shower. My father will be down the weekend after my shower for a business trip so I will be able to spend time with both my dad and mom in my cute little apartment. How lucky am I?? I am so excited and Maya is as well. She loves my dad.

Until next time folks. I need to take a long, well deserved nap now 🙂



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