Gender Reveal!

We found out not too long ago that we are having…. A sweet baby girl!!

Shane and I are beyond excited (but also very nervous!) since knowing the baby’s gender makes it more real for us. Sometimes I don’t even think I’m pregnant! I feel like my body is just playing a joke on me and that, surprise! I’m not actually pregnant, it was a prank. Then morning comes around and I get sick… and cravings go into high gear… and I feel these karate kicks and flips in my belly… Yup. There’s a baby in there, no mistaking that! Now all we have to wait for is that belly to “pop”!

We are so very blessed to have a healthy growing baby girl. We love to feel her little kicks at night and talk to her and call her by the sweet name we have chosen for her. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling her little kicks and flips while we speak to her. It’s so surreal.

I am also thankful for having talented people in the area where we live! Shane and I had the opportunity to have our gender reveal photographed by a wonderful photographer, Ashley Anne Photography. We have worked with her before and loved her work and couldn’t wait until she documented this milestone with us. I booked her for our maternity and newborn photos as well! So stay tuned for that! I also am trying to get a fresh 48 booked by her as well, still trying to convince Shaners on that one 😉

Now for the storytelling: I was a little bummed I wasn’t able to be with my family in person to tell them the gender of our little one but had some ideas to still celebrate with them! My best friend Corrina helped me decide what to do and ultimately I decided to go super duper cheesy (sorry in advance) and do a cupcake reveal for my family since it would be easy to pull off while being in a completely different state as them!

I had my new sister in law, Robin, help me surprise my family. I had talked to her and she agreed to make the cupcakes, fill them with pink frosting, decorate them and coordinate the whole family gathering which is no easy task with my family!

When everyone was home from work and other activities they all gathered around and we facetimed. I had the family choose what cupcake they thought matched the baby, half the cupcakes were decorated with mustaches, the other half with bows. Team Girl was Joshua and Abby. Team Boy was my father, mother and Michael. We gave them the go and they all bit into their cupcake to see what color the filling was. Abby was the first to see it and she screamed instantly (no surprise there) then burst into tears! Josh and my mom both started yelling and Michael just kept eating his cupcake and then went in for seconds haha My dad didn’t bite into the cupcake far enough so while everyone was screaming he didn’t have a clue as to what was going on until they told him it was a little girl. We cried, laughed and talked about how excited we were and how crazy it was that we have a new little one coming into our family. It was so sweet and such a happy and funny moment for us.

To wrap that up: I have THE BEST sister in law I could ever ask for whom I love dearly and thank my lucky stars for, who helped me surprise my family. Robin, a HUGE thank you to you! You made this possible and made it so very sweet and wonderful. I am so grateful for your cute self. You are definitely my favorite sister in law ever 😉 So glad you are a Stewart now! She did such a wonderful job with it and I love her oh so much.

We told Shane’s parents by going out to dinner and giving them a little present that had little girl shoes in it. They were so cute and little! They were both rooting for a little girl and guessed correctly at dinner.

We are so thankful to have family supporting us and enjoying this journey with us! We can’t wait for this little girl to arrive!

A giggle, a curl… sweet baby girl!

Now take a look at some of our photos from our gender reveal! There are so many of them I can’t choose a favorite so I printed all of them for a photo album so I can look at them whenever I want! They are just so darn cute and that husband of mine is so handsome! Our baby girl will be getting her good looks from him 🙂


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