Week 20 & 21

Boy am I behind! We’ve had so many crazy stuff going on I lost track of time and need to crunch week 20 and 21 together to make one giant post. Cause I still have another two blog posts to write up! Hint hint, the next one coming up is our cute gender reveal story and all the cutest pictures with that. The next next one is going to be about my apartment remodel. It’s pretty rough right now and I have hated it since we moved in but crafty and renovating Natasha to the rescue! It already looks so much better and I’m excited to share it with you all! (I think I’ve watched too many HGTV shows)…

So here we go! Week 20/21….

How far along: 21 weeks and 3 days!

Gender: GIRL!!!! We are so excited and now I can finally start shopping and getting the nursery ready 🙂

Total weight gain: 17 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight. While I am still sick I am not nearly as sick as before which is improvement! I still have to put on weight, I’m stuck within the 2 pound slot of gaining one week then losing it the next.

Maternity Clothes: None! I have a lot of room still in my current jeans but I can start to see this little bump showing so the gap in my jeans is slowly closing! I don’t have to wear a belt as tight as before!

Sleep: Sleep is a joke. I miss sleep. Baby girl likes to kick and kick all night long and move around which in turn keeps momma up. She also likes to wake me up by hugging my bladder.

Miss Anything: I miss sleeping and sleeping on my belly.

Cravings: Raspberries, Oreos (for some reason I’m craving the Halloween oreos?? But I subside that craving with Oreo thins. Not healthy but better than regular ones!) Also I crave water. Like ice cold water. Cold enough to freeze my throat off. I get so thirsty in the middle of the night and wake up feeling like I haven’t had something to drink in years so cold water is so nice.

Symptoms: Being sick. Belly starts hurting if pressure is on it.

Mood: While I am happy 90% of the time I also get super emotional. More than before which is crazy to think about! haha I started crying while watching American Ninja Warrior last night…. That’s how emotional I am feeling. The guy didn’t make it past a round and I just started crying. Also… Have you seen that commercial Amazon has out?? With the dog and baby? The baby doesn’t like the dog until his owner buys a lion mane for the dog (to mimic baby toy) and the baby finally loves that sweet dog. TEARS. SO MANY TEARS FOR THAT SWEET PUPPY DOG.

Best Moment this week: FINDING OUT THE GENDER OF OUR BABY OF COURSE! A baby girl is going to be so fun and I can’t wait to go shopping. This sweet little girl is already so loved.

Looking forward to: Having my momma come visit. Unfortunately it was pushed back to the end of October but I am still excited for it. I miss my family lots and lots.


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