Week 19

SO close to being halfway done! So crazy! I am ready for this sweet little one to let us know if it is a little boy we are preparing for, or a sweet little girl 🙂

My belly is the same as last week, the picture for this week is misleading 😉 It’s just a food baby, belt and my loose shirt! But I am seeing a little bump when I lay down in bed, just barely but it is there. I can’t wait for it to show up in pictures the next couple of weeks!

So fellow momma’s, I have so many questions running through my head and I don’t know who to ask or who have had experiences with them. So if you can relate to any of them send me a text or message so we can chat because I would love to hear your side of things!

I have been researching a more ‘crunchy’ side of labor and recovery after labor along with raising a baby. Not too crazy but just exploring my options since there are so many awesome ways to give birth and raise babies. I am fascinated by it all. My original plan is to hold out on the epidural as I would love to go natural, but if I am dying for one I have no objections to it. I just would like to try both ways to see what suits me best. My mother had one epidural with Joshua and it put her down throughout her recovery and just was not a good experience for her. She went natural with the rest of the kids and I am super interested in doing the same. Has anyone had a natural birth? Accidentally (no time for epidural)? Purposefully? What are your thoughts?

I have also been looking into birthing centers with midwives versus the hospital. (Brandy, I think you can give me info on this from your kiddos!) It just seems like a more relaxing environment and I feel as if I would be able to relax more plus I have the option to do a water birth in some birthing centers which I think would be awesome. (I am open to everything! haha) Any mommas with water birth experiences? I did think about doing a home birth but am not super comfortable with the idea in our apartment, just icky to think about since we don’t have the nicest place here in the city but if we ever move to a house it definitely will be an option for me!

Last but not least (queasy bellies don’t continue!) has anyone ever thought about encapsulating their placenta?? Super weird and gross to think about according to Shane… but I am fascinated at how long it has been going on for and some of the benefits some mommas swear by. I would definitely encapsulate versus getting it frozen etc. cause thats pushing it for me haha but I am interested to see if anyone has even thought about it. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t, who knows! I am just interested in it all and think its amazing how many things there are that contribute to a more ‘natural’ birthing experience and the reasons behind them all.

So again, send me your opinions, thoughts etc on anything above. Good or bad! I’d like to hear it all as I sometimes don’t know what to decide on! Shane is rooting for the strong NO factor in all of it as he doesn’t cope well from the norm but then again, if he wants to push this baby out then he can make the decisions. But if I have to do it…. then I can have it as weird and ‘hippy’ as I want 😉


How far along: 19 weeks 5 days. So close to being halfway done!

Gender: We will know September 9th!!! I am so excited to find out.

Total weight gain: 18 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight. This is most likely what I will stay at for awhile until my belly ‘pops’. I tend to stay within the +/- 2 lb zone.

Maternity Clothes: Still none needed! Although in this photo I am wearing a maternity shirt since I do like the style of it. And for some reason it makes my belly look a ton bigger than what it actually is! I haven’t grown that much in a week haha promise! It is my belt and the dinner I just ate coupled with a loose shirt 🙂

Sleep: No sleep for this momma. I tend to be up before Shane’s alarm goes off. I stay in bed for a bit after but can’t get any more sleep which puts a damper on how energetic I am. 

Miss Anything: Sleeping on my belly. It just hurts to have pressure on it.

Cravings: Cold cuts, I made Shane order me a hot Jimmy Johns sandwich cause I just couldn’t handle the craving anymore. I usually try to deter from my cravings because sometimes they are unhealthy or I’m not allowed to eat it while pregnant. It helps me stay the same size I guess so thats a plus. Also I’m craving exercise?? Is that a thing? I love the idea of exercising and after being cleared by my doc to exercise all I want I am excited to keep it going. I think my body just misses being active.

Symptoms: Being sick. Belly hurting if pressure is on it. Tired all the time.

Mood: I am so very happy these days and also in a weird cleaning mood! If I start cleaning I can’t stop until I’ve hit the whole house! I am in a total renovation mood as well, I want to spruce up our little apartment but am waiting on approval before I go crazy on it.

Best Moment this week: Feeling the baby move everyday 🙂 It is so sweet and I can sometimes see my belly move which is the weirdest thing ever! I keep having baby dreams as well and it makes my heart happy 🙂

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender! Having my momma come visit! Decorating the nursery! Buying baby supplies! Basically getting ready for the baby haha


One thought on “Week 19

  1. your thoughts and questions are VERY similar to the questions I had when I was pregnant! I ended up going for the epidural because HOLY CRAP contractions were painful. I had a friend who had a doula and her doula and her husband alternated putting pressure on her back and stuff and she was able to have a natural birth! I hadn’t researched or practiced how to go all natural and I was seriously begging for an epidural. as for delivering at a birthing center, I would advise against it for your first. you don’t know what your body is going to do, you don’t know how your body labors or births. you also can’t predict what can happen to your baby. our baby was born with only a faint pulse. no crying, no breathing, no color. there was a team of NICU doctors there the second he was born to clear fluid out of his lungs and get him breathing, and he was still SUPER sick and had to spend 16 days in the NICU. we had NO idea he was sick before he was born. there was no way to tell he had developed an infection and wasn’t going to be healthy when he was born. I’m SO grateful we delivered at a hospital because of how things unfolded. That is seriously just my opinion though! I haven’t done both hospital and a birthing center so I feel like my opinion is biased. but I just am so grateful that I was at the hospital when Jonas was born and didn’t have to worry about the time it would have taken to get him from a center to the hospital to receive proper care. but you need to do what feels best to YOU. pray about it and follow any promptings you get!


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