Week 18


We are moving along onto week 19! Woohoo! Here’s my week 18 update.

Baby Smyth is growing strong and is healthy. Sometimes I worry that baby isn’t getting the nutrients and things it needs to grow since I still am sick and don’t eat even close to as much as I should be. But after every doctor visit and hearing that little heartbeat plus the doctor saying baby is doing wonderful it makes my heart feel at ease. I just want this little guy (or girl!) to be doing well. It’s amazing how the baby gets everything it needs to in order to grow, regardless of if I am eating enough etc. No wonder I feel so tired all the time! The baby is draining me of all my energy in order to grow and I feel as if I can’t replenish everything fast enough!

This week Shane and I felt the baby move for the FIRST TIME EVER! AHH! I can’t even explain how beautiful and exciting that was for us both. I was pretty bummed that I don’t have a cute bump and didn’t think I would be able to feel the baby until later since he is so far inside but man oh man was I wrong! Let’s backtrack a bit: I have been craving ice pops for awhile now. It helps me get some sort of fluids in and it is just the right amount of sugar for me to eat without getting sick and bloated (no more sweet tooth for me since I got pregnant, which is crazy if you know how much I loved my sweets!) Well one evening I had my weekly ice pop and was loving the little sugar rush I got. We went to bed about an hour or two after I finished it and while I was laying in bed I felt my belly start to hurt. I placed my hand on my belly and BAM! baby kicked and it scared me! I had no idea it was the baby at first and was confused but it happened again. And then again. and again. Little guy was having a ball in there from that sugar I had! I was shocked and woke shane up and placed his hand on my belly. I told him the baby was kicking and he was a little skeptical about it since I have never felt the baby move before this evening. We had to wait about 5 minutes but sure enough, the baby kicked again and this time it was hard! Shane freaked out a bit and while I was in heaven and laughing out of joy he was a little uncomfortable at the thought of the baby trying to kick itself out of my belly haha He was happy but definitely shocked as this was his first real sign that there’s actually a baby inside of me besides seeing me get sick everyday. We talked and talked and felt the baby kick the rest of the night. It was so so sweet and I can now feel him flutter inside and move around if I relax and concentrate on him. I love his little kicks!

I had a doctors appointment today and made it because I was a little concerned about how sick I was the past week. If you have a queasy tummy don’t read this next sentence, it may be a little TMI but it’s the hard truth about being sick so often. I had started throwing up blood whenever I got sick in the mornings. Obviously this freaked me out as 1. thats never normal and 2. Does it affect the baby?? I was miserable and had a little breakdown when Shane got home from work that day. I was just tired of being sick and now it was scary as I was worried for my health and for the babys. I was tired, sick, and dropping weight still and basically was miserable as can be. I made an appointment and tried to make it through the week. The doctor checked my weight, and we found out I had lost 3 pounds this month. That was a little disappointing as we were hoping I would start gaining weight now that I’m in the second trimester. She checked babys vitals and mine as well and said that we need to get my sickness back to what is was before (sad to say it was better towards the beginning of the month, thats my new normal) and so we switched my medication for something stronger and hopefully it will work! She measured babys heartbeat and it was 160 bpm. Such a sweet little sound! She also measured my stomach and then laughed since it didn’t tell her anything. She said I am lucky to not be carrying so big but my time will come with my second child and then by my fourth I will look pregnant even when I’m not 😉

I was also cleared to start working out, which I had been hesitant to do with being so sick but I’ve been feeling so restless I need to do something to keep sane. I have missed running, and while I was no pro at it before I became pregnant, I do miss being able to run a couple miles and feel that accomplishment of working out. I have plans to run a 5k with Shane in a couple of months and hopefully I will be able to if I start training now. I know my body will change a lot and I will have to take it slow. If I even have to walk half of it I am totally fine with that because I’ll still be 7 months pregnant and completing 5k’s which in my mind is amazing! I was a little worried about losing weight once I start working out daily again and the doctor said I will but hopefully it wont be too much and I’ll be able to gain it back in the third trimester. My weight has stabilized she said, and even though I lose around 3 pounds a month or so its in a spot where she feels it will go up a bit when I’m nearing my third trimester so if anything, now is the time to start working out. I am excited to get back into things and am more excited to do so after hearing her say it will help me during delivery and bounce back quicker to my pre pregnancy body. Fingers crossed!

How far along: 18 weeks in these photos (19 weeks today. I am behind on blogging 🙂 )

Gender: Coming soon! September 9th to be exact! I CAN’T WAIT. My mom is visiting for a week while Shane is out of town in September and we will find out the gender three days before she arrives so when she comes we will be working on the nursery and making it picture perfect for when baby arrives! We are both so excited to go shopping and spend some time together. I miss my momma.

Total weight gain: 20 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight. This is most likely what I will stay at for awhile until my belly ‘pops’.

Maternity Clothes: None needed. If I am lucky I will be able to stay in my clothes with the hairband trick until I hit the third trimester and then, hopefully leggings and loose shirts will tide me over until baby comes. That way I can save money and not buy new clothes haha

Sleep: I have been driving Shane to work this week so I can use the car for errands. Usually I like to take a nap once I get back home but lately try to just start my day instead of napping. I walk with Maya for a couple miles at the dog park and it helps me sleep better at night since I am exhausted by the time 9 pm rolls around. I try to go to bed then but Shane always tells me its too early and keeps me up since he knows if I fall asleep then I will wake up around 5 am and will be grumpy.

Miss Anything: I miss Jimmy John’s sandwiches. They are too yummy.

Cravings: Ice pops and chicken salad! More so healthy food. Salads, fruits etc.

Symptoms: Being sick. Belly hurting if pressure is on it.

Mood: Happy and relaxed which is the best combination to have 🙂

Best Moment this week: Obviously feeling this sweet little babe move! I can’t get over how sweet it is! We also bought a glider and ottoman this week for a great deal and I love to sit in it and just imagine rocking my baby back and forth in it. The first time I sat in it Maya came over and sat next to me and just placed her sweet little head on my lap as I rocked back and forth. She just looked at me with those big puppy eyes and my heart melted. I have a feeling she will be there by my side, head on my lap during those late night feedings and diaper changes. She is a sweetheart and it makes my heart ache. I have too much love for Shane, the baby and Maya and have no idea how my heart can be even more full.

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender! Having my momma come visit!


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