Week 17

We’re already onto week 17 and will be moving right along to week 18 tomorrow! Time is flying by and I have moments where I feel like I am so far along (like today) and then moments when I look at my tiny belly and think, “I am no where close to being far along”. It changes with my mood, how I look that day etc. I just keep trucking along because in two weeks I’ll be halfway done and then technically can be counting down versus counting up right? 😉

Nothing has changed with pregnancy symptoms, still sick, still trying to work out my new medication to help this (news flash: not working so far ): ) BUT its okay cause this sweet little baby is growing big and strong at 5 inches long and 5 ounces! Little turnip baby.

How far along: 17 weeks 6 days!

Gender: Coming soon! September 9th to be exact! I am so excited and can’t wait to start decorating the nursery and get it so cute and ready for this little guy or girl.

Total weight gain: 18 lbs. below pre-pregnancy weight. I had gained two pounds last week and was super duper happy but then took my doctors advice and tried to exercise. I took Maya on a long walk and we went 4 miles. It was exhausting and I had to keep stopping to throw up but afterwards I felt wonderful. That also made me lose that 2 pounds I worked so hard to gain. Mostly water weight I’m guessing but still… Back to zero pounds gained. Trying to gain 2 pounds by my next appointment September 9th. This means eating more (yuck!) and eating more and eating more…..

Maternity Clothes: Let’s be honest, I wear maternity shirts and occasionally my maternity pants just so I can pretend I have a baby bump. They fall off and are way too big but I think they are too cute and just can’t not wear them. I did try the hairband extender trick on my pants one day that I was bloated and didn’t want pressure on my belly but had to take it off and button my jeans later during the day because my pants just kept falling down. If i dont wear a belt I am constantly tugging up my pants so belt it is and no maternity pants for awhile.

Sleep: I wake up to let Maya out when Shane leaves for work. Then take a nap once I get back upstairs. Rinse and repeat. I don’t sleep well at night so my naps during the day help me get by. 

Miss Anything: Food. I miss food. I miss eating and not regretting it because I get sick. I miss being able to finish a cupcake without stopping 1/4th of the way in because I am full. All I want is to eat pizza and be happy but my body won’t let me unfortunately.

Cravings: Healthy things this week! Raspberries and clementines are super yummy. Shane and I bought a huge carton of rasperries (goodbye money!) and we finished it super quick. I was surprised and was begging Shane to go buy more at 10 at night but he didn’t. I might have to stop and buy some today since just writing about raspberries makes my mouth water!

Symptoms: Let’s just say I will be sick until this baby comes out and leave it at that. Cramping legs when sleeping is a newer but not wanted change too.

Mood: Shane and I have always joked about my mood swings while pregnant. I had super duper crazy mood swings when we first got married just having to deal with some yucky stuff like anxiety, severe depression and insomnia. This put a strain on our marriage that was no secret to others. Knowing that mood swings then were my “normal” we joked that when I got pregnant I would either kill Shane or become normal, as in have normal moods and not fluctuate so badly. Well I am extremely happy to say (and Shane is too) that being pregnant has stabilized my mood swings and has actually relaxed me believe it or not. It took a lot of hard work to get to this point as pregnancy didn’t magically change it but it did help to a point which is nice. Shane said if pregnancy did help and this keeps up for the next 9 months then he will keep me pregnant my whole life since happy and non mood swing wife is a happy life haha!

Best Moment this week: Shane and I talked last night about nursery decorating ideas and he actually inputed lots of nice ideas which of course made me really excited and happy. He tries to not get ahead of himself when talking about baby and guessing if it’s a boy or girl so when he does I get super bubbly inside but stay quiet as I don’t want to interrupt him and have him stop talking haha

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender! Hearing that sweet little heartbeat again and just preparing for when the baby comes with my sweet sweet husband.


Now for the pictures, my Maya girl had to make an appearance. She was not happy but momma was 🙂 She is growing big and I might have to insert some monthly photos of me holding her so I can keep track of her growth cause she is huge now! 😦


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