Week 16

I’m officially 17 weeks today but haven’t had the chance to post week 16 yet. For something that takes such a small amount of time I never seem to be able to post on time!
Week 16 was rough in so many ways. I’ve still had the pleasure of being sick every. single. day. It’s been a tough road and I was hoping I would be done with morning sickness within the next couple of weeks but at my most recent doctors appointment a couple days ago I was told that unfortunately I am just one of those lucky mommas who will be sick throughout their whole pregnancy. It was so hard hearing that, even though I had already guessed it. There’s nothing worse than feeling sick and not being able to function normally because of it! I’d like to be more active during my pregnancy but sometimes I get too sick and have to just lay down for the rest of the day. It’s hard on me but I’m super grateful to not be working right now because I don’t know how that would go with being so sick! My wonderful doctor wrote me yet another prescription for a medication that (fingers crossed) will help with the sickness but the chances of it working are slim. I will diligently take it regardless, if it helps for even a day I would be forever grateful!
I’m not showing still, I had a little bump during my brothers wedding but it was just all that darn wedding food that made me swell up. None of it was actual baby to my disappointment when I returned home haha! As happy as I am to stay the same size for so long, I keep hoping for a little bump to make it more real for me. There’s just something so sweet about a little bump. I know I will be regretting that later on when my belly is too big for my liking 😉 I had asked my doctor about when I should be showing and she had me lie down to check my belly and hear babys heartbeat. Bad idea! She decided to press on my belly to see if she could even detect a little bump and I have never felt so uncomfortable. Even while not showing my little belly is sensitive and she just kneaded her knuckles into my stomach searching for that bump. I swear I was internally bleeding after she was done. The only bright side to that was because I have lost so much weight she said my ab muscles were extremely strong and prominent and if I’m lucky I wont show for another couple of months! I was surprised to hear that as my fitness regimen since getting pregnant has been seriously lacking haha
My doctor is very strict about having me work out, and I’m talking 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day! Which sounds super intimidating right now since I can’t walk a mile without getting sick and nauseous. But I am willing to try and with her approval am going to (slowly) get back into running as I miss running. If you’ve ever heard of the couch to 5k program, its where you literally start as a couch potato and in 8 weeks you can successfully run a 5K. I’m hoping to be able to complete that program and will modify it if I need to. So here’s to hopefully being able to run (or waddle) a 5K at 25 weeks!
How far along: 16 weeks! 4 weeks until I’m halfway done!
Gender: Still waiting to find out! Shane and I are positive we know what it is but are still so unsure. It is a game of patience that’s for sure!
Total weight gain: 15 lbs. below pre-pregnancy weight. My doctor wants me to bulk up while working out religiously which means I have to boost up my calorie intake. Which just the thought of how much food I need to eat makes me sick. I am totally opposite of a typical pregnant lady because I can’t even stomach eating a regular meal much less binge on cravings! Good news is that I reached my goal and I have gained TWO WHOLE POUNDS!! Woohoo! Let’s hope they stick and don’t drop off with my first workout.
Maternity Clothes: Still not needed. I do like to find maternity clothes on sale and stock up on super cute ones in hopes my belly will pop in a month or two! I have started wearing a pair of maternity pants my mom bought me and even though they slide off since they are ginormous I still wear them because they are oh so cute 🙂
Sleep: I have my good nights and bad nights. I sleep with an eye mask and ear plugs to give me a quieter sleep. I love naps but can’t always take them. Waking up is always quick and unpleasant as I get so sick in the mornings. I try to sleep throughout the day if I can.
Miss Anything:  I miss eating in general. I had a wonderful relationship with food and now I feel like I am cheating by not eating as much. I want to but can’t which makes it even more sad.
Cravings: Baked Potatoes are the bomb. I’m pretty sure I’ve made potatoes every single night this week for dinner and I can’t get enough. Shane isn’t complaining so I’m going to keep eating my twice baked potato and enjoy heavenly bliss. I crave sweet things rarely and I actually made cupcakes this week to satisfy that sweet tooth. Only problem is after I made them my craving went away. I had one and a half cupcakes this week and had to literally choke them down which makes me want to cry since cupcakes are my favorite. Shane can’t eat the whole dozen left so if you’re in the mood for cupcakes, come on over and get your fill!
Symptoms: The dreaded fevers have subsided and while I am still sick I get through it. Lately my belly has been more sore and whether that’s from stretching or just cause you know, I’m growing a tiny human inside me, I’m happy to have these pains cause it will be worth it in the end. 
Mood:  Happy to be growing this little blessing, happy to have my sweet husband by my side and happy that he is so excited for this baby. Joy. Pure Joy.
Best Moment this week: Getting home from traveling and finally being able to relax and catch up on some sleep. It’s been nice to be home with Shane and Maya every night.

Looking forward to:  Finding out the gender! I switched doctors and while I love this one I have I also am bummed to hear their strict rules about finding out gender between 20-22 weeks. I couldn’t even convince them to book me for a week earlier haha I am also so looking ready for having this baby pop out of me. I’m happy I am growing this little miracle but at the same time pregnancy has not treated me well and the next 5 months will be hard!


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