Baby Bump: Week 15

Yikes. Missed a week already. I’ve been traveling and super busy with life that I forgot to take a week 14 picture BUT it’s okay because I still don’t look pregnant whatsoever so I figured it’s okay to skip one little week. Heres my week 15 update!

How far along: 15 weeks! 5 weeks until I’m halfway done!
Gender: Still waiting to find out! Fingers crossed for a sweet little boy!
Total weight gain: 17 lbs. below pre-pregnancy weight. Still super sick and dropping weight!
Maternity Clothes: Still not needed. I’m not showing whatsoever but I do like to find maternity clothes on sale and stock up on super cute ones in hopes my belly will pop in a month or two!
Sleep: I have my good nights and bad nights. I sleep with an eye mask and ear plugs to give me a quieter sleep. I love naps but can’t always take them. Waking up is always quick and unpleasant as I get so sick in the mornings.
Miss Anything:  JIMMY JOHNS SANDWICHES. Again. I miss them dearly. Love me a turkey sandwich. I do miss sleeping on my tummy without any pain. I don’t have a bump but it is a little uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach as it puts a tad too much pressure on baby.
Cravings: Tuna fish. Cold cuts. Sloppy Joes. Deviled Eggs. Sour starburst. Yet the moment I eat anything I crave it goes away and I’m not hungry. I try to jump on every craving I have (minus cold cuts and tuna, 5 more months until I can eat them!) since it’s usually the only time I eat more than a couple of bites before getting full. My goal is to gain at least a pound by the time I’m 17 weeks. Let’s see how that goes!
Symptoms: Sick still, which is bittersweet since everyone has promised it usually goes away by 13 weeks/the second trimester! I’m grateful that being sick means baby is doing just fine but then again, having a day where I don’t get sick seems like heaven. Not only throwing up but actually sick sick. I get a fever every week for a couple of days which totally blows. Not high enough to go to doctor but high enough to where I am down for the day and can’t do anything but lie in bed and sleep it off. Headaches, freezing cold and a fever? That’s my life every week. My body is tired and worn out.
Mood: Happy. Happy to be growing this little blessing, happy to have my sweet husband by my side and happy that he is so excited for this baby. Joy. Pure Joy.
Best Moment this week: Being in Utah for my brothers wedding! Seeing family and having them be so happy for me is so nice. I also love hearing my dad tell everyone I am pregnant, he slyly drops it in conversation but is so happy to spread the news. Makes me smile every time I hear him say “I’m going to be a grandpa! My daughter is pregnant!”
Looking forward to:  Finding out the gender! We had some issues and weren’t able to make our last appointment and I was so bummed to not find out the gender! We have to wait another week or two before finding out and I am so excited but at the same time so nervous! Shane and I have talked and while we want to know at the same time we’re not ready to know! It seems like it’s all going too fast!

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