Baby Bump: Week 13

Woohoo! Week 13 has come and gone already!! This pregnancy seems like it is going so fast and I’m struggling to keep up.  Thank you to all our friends and family who have sent us well wishes and love. Shane and I are so excited for our sweet little one to arrive!

I may not be showing much but after a big dinner and relaxing my tummy you can see a tiny little bump. You may have to squint and tilt your head a little to see it. Here’s a little tidbit of how my pregnancy is going so far.

How far along: 13 1/2 weeks!

Gender: Coming soon!

Total weight gain: 12 lbs. below pre-pregnancy weight. (Hello morning sickness!)

Maternity Clothes: Not needed, yet! I do like to wear my belt looser to give my belly a little more room though.

Sleep: I have always had issues with sleep but I struggle more now. I am so tired all day and then when it’s time to sleep I sleep so lightly that I wake up early for my morning trip to the bathroom to be sick! After that I am awake and up for the day no matter how tired I am. Naps are my best friend.

Miss Anything: JIMMY JOHNS SANDWICHES. I never realized how badly I loved cold cuts until I could no longer have them. Oh my heart hurts when I have to pass by one and not stop for a yummy craving. Also, I do miss tuna fish. I never thought I ate sandwiches as much as I did until I couldn’t eat them anymore!

Cravings: Chipotle. Hot dogs. Cold cuts. Tuna fish. Sour starburst.

Symptoms: Did I mention how I am sick? Ugh. All day everyday. I wake up because I got sick and go to bed usually because I feel sick. Saltines in the morning don’t help since I don’t have time to even wake up before I have to rush to the bathroom. I’ve lost a good amount of weight but am hoping the second trimester brings good vibes my way. Sickness and back pain are my companions right now.

Mood: EXCITED! So so happy and excited but at the same time I am oh so tired. While I am happy for the baby and being pregnant at the same time pregnancy has not been treating me well. Shane has had to put up with a couple breakdowns from me because I am miserable of being sick. Luckily he is being wonderful and cheers me back up by rubbing my belly. He’s going to be a wonderful father.

Best Moment this week: Just feeling super blessed and happy lately! Announcing was nerve wracking but so exciting! I hate keeping secrets from everyone so this was hard for me to keep in!

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender! We are hoping for a boy! I don’t know if I can handle a little girl! A mini me?? Maybe if I wasn’t such a troublemaker I would want a girl but I’m hoping for a sweet little boy like Shane was. Either way, we will be so happy.


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